The 2-Week Brand

Build Your Brand … In Just 2 Weeks!

You’ve been dreaming about your brand.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start launching. My 2-Week Brand Project will take you from zero to done — in just 10 business days. We’ll work one-on-one to create the perfect brand for your business. Are you ready to build a brand that you love? One that will help you grow your business to new heights? It all starts with a great brand.

What [EXACTLY] is Branding, Anyway?

Before we dive into everything that’s included in the 2-Week Branding Project, let’s talk a little about “branding.” I work with and talk to a lot of new business owners and almost of the start out telling me, “I just need a logo!” But, branding is so much more than logo design and I want your business to be successful — so I want you to build a complete brand!

Branding is easily broken down into two categories: Brand Creative & Brand Strategy. Here’s a quick overview of each.

Brand Creative

Brand Creative focuses on how your business looks to the outside world. This includes your logo (the face of your business) but it’s also the colors, fonts, photos and graphics you use to visually communicate your business. Think about how your business looks to customers and potential clients across all platforms. Can they easily connect your social media sites with your website, business card and other printed materials? Does everything look like it works together? It will if you have a brand in place!

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is sometimes overlooked when small business owners develop their brand, but this part is just as important as the creative process. Developing a brand strategy for your business means you’ll better understand your customers. Plus, all of your communication — website, email, social media, face to face, etc. — will speak directly to your target market. Your messages will be consistent and meaningful to your customer base. Developing a brand strategy means, defining a vision for your business, clarifying your target audiences, writing key messages and building credibility through consistent communication.


What’s Included in the 2-Week Brand Project?

Now that you have a better understanding of branding, let’s talk a little bit about how you get there. You are probably wondering, “what’s included in this 2-Week Brand Project?” Shall we take a look?

Brand Creative

The “creative” pieces are the visual elements of your brand. Here’s a complete look at what’s included:

Sample Brand Board

Sample Brand Board

1 | Custom Brand Board

You’ll walk away from this project with a beautifully designed brand board, that pulls all of your new creative brand elements into one page. This will help you quickly and easily access your new color codes and custom font names when designing your own marketing pieces or working on your website. While your new brand board is an overview of the complete creative brand we’ll develop for your business, here’s a look at some of the other files and resources you’ll receive as a result of this project.

2 | Custom logo design

You’ll have a completely custom logo design that represents your business. It will be the new face of your business and you’ll want to use it everywhere! Since the same logo doesn’t always fit everywhere you need it, depending on the overall design of your logo, you may receive alternate logos (like a square option for social media). You’ll get several files of your new logo in color, black and reverse (white). You’ll have everything you need for all of your digital and print needs!

3 | Custom Color Palette

Your new brand will also include a custom color palette. A suite of five colors that work perfectly together to visually tell your brand story. These will be included on your brand board along with hex color codes to help you match the exact color when you are working on other projects for your business!

4 | Recommended fonts

You brand board will also include two fonts that work well together. Fonts can get tricky (and expensive) so I’ll help you select great fonts that will work for your business. Luckily with amazing options like Google Fonts and TypeKit, many of my clients are able to use free fonts as their primary fonts selections.

5 | Add Ons

In addition to everything listed above, some clients want to add on photos, graphics or icons they can use on their website. I can help you find great photography for your site or design a set of amazing icons that work seamlessly with your new brand.

Brand Strategy

The “strategy” part of your brand will be delivered in a final editable document (like Google Docs) that you can use as you work on messaging and communication for your business. You’ll be able to update and add to this document as your business grows and changes. Plus, you’ll have everything you need in once place when you are drafting e-mails, writing ad copy or working on your website content! Here’s a look at what’s included:

If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else.
— Yogi Berra

6 | Mission & Vision Statement

Through a series of exercises we’l work together to craft mission and vision statements for your business. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, it’s pretty hard to get there! As your business grows and develops you’ll refer back to your overall mission and vision to ensure that your staying true to your overall purpose and goals!

7 | Dream Customer Profile

Once you have your mission and vision statements we’ll hone in on your dream customer. It’s really difficult to develop messages that will resonate with your target audience if you don’t know who it you are talking too! We’ll work together to build a complete customer profile that will help you develop messages that resonate with your customer base. Plus, once you know a little more about your customer you’ll have important information for targeting key communications — like digital advertising.

8 | Key Messages

Finally, we’ll develop a list of key messages. You’ll refer back to this messaging whenever you write content for your website, e-mails, social media, etc. This will help ensure that you messages are on point and reaching your audience over time. Key messages are a great way for non-writers to overcome writer block and generate great content for their core client base.


Are you ready to get started?

It’s a lot of work to pack into two weeks, but we’ll be working closely together and you’ll have everything you need to take your business to the next level!